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Chapter 5 Summary Brief + detailed summary of Chapter 5 of the Sociology: Compass textbook Cdn 3rd Edition

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SOCI 1010
Timothy Mc Cauley

1 Chapter 5 Social Interaction What is Social InteractionSocial interaction involves people communicating facetoface or via computer and acting and reacting in relation to other people It is structured around norms role and statusesStatus refers to a recognized social position an individual can occupy o Status set the entire ensemble of statuses occupied by an individual o Ascribed status involuntary status o Achieved status voluntary status o Master status his or her overriding public identity status that is most influential in shaping that persons life at a given timeRoles sets of expected behaviours o Role set cluster of roles attached to a single statusNorms generally accepted ways of doing thingsRole conflict occurs when two or more statuses held at the same time place contradictory role demands on a personRole strain occurs when incompatible role demands are placed on a person in a single statusRoles norms and statuses are the building blocks of all facetoface communication Sociology of Emotions Laughter and Humour
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