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SOCI 1010
Robert Kenedy

IntroductionIntroduction to SociologySociology systematic study of human behaviour in social context o The science of societySociety totality of social relationships among human beingsCulture Shared meaning and practices created through interactions Sociological ImaginationUse your sociological imagination to understand society social structures and culture Sociological Theories Critical approach to social researchScrutinizing social scientific accountsConsidering research design and ethics Scrutinizing ResearchersMotivationEthics Culture and SocietyThe social self is based on the idea of beliefsInteraction and Organization Sociological PerspectivesChanging definitions of deviance and crime o Crime if harm is involvedStatus is based on opinion and the structured way of thinkingRacism o Race and EthnicityGender sex and feminismInternet Critical skills and SociologyCritical thinkingTime managementReading skillsStudying for ExamThesis statementHow to write and analytic paper Critical Approach to SociologyKnowledgeComprehensionApplicationAnalysisDurkheimSociological Theories Durkheim 18581917Looked at social structures o Spoken about in first lectureIdeologiesHow were managedThere has to be a balance in social structuresWorriedconcerned about all three revolutions of France and social order o ScientificReligion declinedHow the decline of religion affected social structures Charles Darwin was the most influential because of his theory of evolution o IndustrialSteam engines were invented 1726Revolutionized societyIndustrial CapitalismThe idea of industries that are governed by capitalism The ownership of private industry of each person The rise of all the industries What the fuck o DemocraticPeople were supposed to be responsible for organizing their societyKing Louis and Marie Antoinette were decapitatedThey were questioning the power of God o Revolutions were unstableThey dont maintain balance and equilibriumSocial fact 1 External o External to the individual o They regulate the individual 2 Constraining o They constrain the individual that could be harmfulinsulting to another individualIts not illegal to fart in an elevator but most people dont do it because others dont like itWere unaware of it because we live with it day to day 3 Social structures norms beliefs etco Integrates usWeve been told what to do and how to do it from an early ageOur family schools friendsWe dont regulate ourselves It effects us on the outsideThe norms and beliefs help regulate and integrate us into normal society Moral facts part of the collective conscience o Totality of beliefs and sentimentsAll our beliefs whether sacred or secularSecular The state is not governed by religion o Our social structure is influenced by sacred and secular influences
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