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Lecture 16

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SOCI 2040
Charles Battershill

Lecture 16Critical TheoryUses of FreudMarcuseExam Qs Lists Turns Marxism I Content of Critical TheoryHistorical Failure of Marxist Theory1932 Discovery of Economic Philosophy ManuscriptRise of Nazism used first generation of computers in the prison camps if most of us know about extermination or those camps they were monitored but instead of making things they were making dead people needs and rationality came to its lowest point in nazi era strongly influenced by WEBER worst of the enlightenmentoPromise of the enlightenment lead to the dead campWhen herbysomeone went to NY they were surprised by propaganda bc consumerism they already came from Nazi Germany but not used to it marketing began and consumptionResulted in their Critique Affluence not immiseration and of instrumental reason as reflection of Enlightenment rationality people would be so miserable they would revolt
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