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Lecture 4

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SOCI 3645

October 1 , 2013 Sociology of Health and illness Lecture 4 Tahreem Mahmood Medical Sociology and Sociological Theory A few milestones…  1897: Emile Durkheim, “Suicide: A study in Sociology…  1951: Talcott Parsons publishes “The Social System” (the first systematically developed general theory of sociology: structural functionalism) containing the concept of the “Sick Role”  1957: Robert Merton “The Student Physician” and the socialisation into the doctor role…  1961: Anselm Srauss and Howard Becker published an influential symbolic interactionism book “Boys in White” (medical students); Glaser and Strauss (1965, 1968) published studies on deaths and dying and formulated a new methodology (“grounded theory” – 1967, where hypotheses are formulated after the data have been collected and not before);  1970/71: Eliot Freidson uses labelling theory in studies of the medical profession and produced an alternative concept of the sick role involving dominance  1973: at the pick of influence of symbolic interactionism Howard Becker applied his “labelling theory” of deviant behaviour in the area of medicine (became quite influential) and in sociology of health (the movement for disability rights and independent living…) with Thomas Scheff as the principal proponent of this approach in the area of the sociology of mental health;  1980s: a new application of symbolic interactionism evolves: the soci
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