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Lecture 15

SOSC 1350 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Shortage, European Canadian, Messiah Complex

Social Science
Course Code
SOSC 1350
Reese Simpkins

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SOSC 1350
Duality of Law:
Law on the books versus law in practice
oLaw of books = helping hand
oLaw in practice = not taking the lives of indigenous people
oBig gap between the two
Historical racism Contemporary sanitary coding
Safe Country Provision (2002)
oRefugees who want to come to Canada have to do so directly
oYou cannot come through a safe country such as, USA – Your claim
wont be heard
Equivocation = ambiguity
Example of sanitary coding
o“Managing immigration”
oAmount of people coming into the country – Flow of people
oCodes of desirability
Canadian nationalist mythology
oLived experience of immigrants
Citizenship and immigration video viewing questions
o1. What are they key considerations in immigration policy?
Labour shortage (flexible), increase economy, cut down fraud
(fairness) and credentials and skills
o2. What are the characteristics of Canadian society?

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Equal, fair, generous, accepting and playing by the rules
(connected to fraud and fairness)
Linking immigration to “desirability”
Example: Based on fluctuations in labour and suitability
Reflects not only the idea that Canada is a white nation (and
especially, a white British and French nation), but also the demands
of the state for labour
History Of Immigration:
BNA Act (1867)
Naturalization Act (1881)
oNot a citizen if you are infant, idiot, disabled or married women
Chinese Immigration
oGold Rush (Beginning 1858)
oCanadian Pacific Railway (1881-1885)
Paid less money than white
Did more difficult jobs
Over 600 died due to severe work conditions
oHead Tax (1885: $50, 1900: $100, 1903: $500)
Only single men could afford to come to Canada
oNo immigration 1923-1947
Japanese Immigration Gentlemen’s Agreement (1907)
oCertain number of Japanese individuals will be sent to Canada if no
racist laws would be made against them
Continuous Journey of Stipulation (1908)
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