SOSC 1920 Lecture Notes - Mike, Vibraphone

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8 Feb 2013

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Politcal economy framwork= for ester= homelessnesss, drug addcition, different
variables being female and her ages critical analye esters situation
Publicmissue but not private because ti concersn one person that why it is a public
issuebeing conceptual=
Not enough help to people being issues the social instituions were not available and
some social instituions ( childs aid, social services, family, homelese shelters actual
family structuressweep sweeping took them away from street and straight to jail ,
media construction of homelessness, signs framework,
Tlak about spocial political and economics it is a and talk about the ideology limited
accountability in the programs available
He is a poet he goes by spud and he is a yor graduate
Identities speech
Carabiean guyanaese Canadians
Issues facig balck people= lack of identity the iossues stems from mostb black
peope have a notion of a just come gerneation
Used to be open discriminatory
And after trudeua policiyes more open up for balck peole
The europena to sttle used an African interpritor to intereper ith the
Lack of clear identity problem= if u don’t see ur culture reflection u might
feel disengaged.
Un clear black identity incand= creates a void of gap and seen as stereotypes.
After bet change in vibes f hiphop when bet came up to us in 90’s and omore
emphasis abt balcks ai ail and drugs
Lakc of clear African identity with gaps and fil gaps with stereotyeps in nig
Don’t feel welcome anywere
How dowe get identity when whole society says we don’t beleong that we
just came and were we came is we do not beling since we did not bron there
Basedee: library wwere used by wyclef
Baseee means confusion and siorientation by tryig to find themselves
Gbc- Guyanese bloded caandians
Leadership song
He used to read a lot and parents
Major problems for black youth= they adopt from south America stuff, pick
up habits that are negative
Dangerpus sterotypes that can elead to death , teachers have preconceived notions
Sitcoms trying to subvert the stereotypes like freshprince of bell air like
balcks being lawyers
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