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Lecture 6

THEA 1200 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Mother Courage And Her Children, Berliner Ensemble

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THEA 1200
Alberto Guevara

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Monday, November 10th, 2014
THEA 1200 Lecture
Legend for Notes
Notes from Father Gail’s Lecture
Video Clips used in Class
Assignment/Project Information
Report (From my tutorial leader who’s Magdalena)
-Why did you choose this play/article?
-What did you want to communicate?
-What was your role? How did you contribute to the piece?
Theatre of the Absurd
- There are 2 types of Absurd theatre:
1) a bsurd Theatre =
Human life is crazy
Language is a delusion
Life is not a new idea—seen in Shakespeare
Life is nonsensical
2) A bsurd Theatre =
Unbridged dissonance between the fact of life in the world and made
worse by humans
Human demand and reason created a reason
- Believed nothing could be done in Berlin
- 1898 – 1856; died at 58
- Avoided serving in war and went to medical school
- Early Plays:
oRaal (1920)
- Started in Munsch, but moved to Berlin
- Wasn’t nice
- Extremely ambitious
Berlin in 1920s
- Germany lost the war and had to pay reparations and because of this, resentment was
building up
- Revolution was close by
- Rise of the Nazi Party
- During all of this, Brechtt was becoming a playwright
*Who is the audience?
*What do you want people to do?
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