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York University
WRIT 1000

WRIT 1300 | Lecture 1 *METACOGNITIVE: To understand yourself/your writing. - Gives you the ability to be more conscious about your writing, hence being more conscious about decisions made in writing. Taking Effective Lecture Notes 1. Critical Skills: -no one formula -each context unique -each person has individual strengths 2. Goals of Note-taking: a. Content Goals (two) – Identify the themes -> supporting explication (additional details that help you under the themes), (reword the theme in another way), (examples), (foot notes) b. Analytical Goals (two) - (Connections – making connection themes to other themes your familiar with, your life, other material in the course), (Assessment – Evaluate the effectiveness of the themes based on what you know in everyday life) 3. Specific Strategies a. Be Selective b. Pattern of Organization (Establishing relationships among the ideas being discussed) c. Include Your Analysis (Asses it, make notes to yourself, make notes of what make sense to you, argue about what doesn’t make sense to you) d. Use Your Own Diction (Transfer it into your own words it will allow for better understanding) e. Note Your Questions (Make note of any questions you have) f. Review Notes Regularly (Review 10mins before each lecture) (Builds connections and creates basic ideas in your brain)(Improves cognitive thinking)(More prepared for your exam) g. Use Your Computer Epistemology *Inquiry Paradigm: A systematic way of studying something. -Studies how we know what we know. - Knowing allows us to build an inquiry paradigm -Connects language and knowing. How language hel
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