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WRIT 1003
Kate Kaul

Film Analysis v.s. Film Review (Casablanca) Myth (to present history as nature) Naturalization (illusions, it is artificial but it looks natural) Propaganda Intertextuality Lighting (Casablanca used low-key lighting with lots of shadows, to symbolize a shadowy past, used to create suspense, seduction, mystery, etc. In Casablanca, it was used to play up the exoticness.) Motion ("The Language of Film", the camera can move from backwards to forwards, up and down, left and right, close-ups, etc. Looking down can suggest vulnerability and smallness, while looking up and portray power and privilege.) Framing- (The choices of what to include in a scene and what is excluded in a scene. Closely related to motion, may assume that this is a form of illusion. The viewer can question why the things they find in the frame are in the frame) Editing- Joining together different footages after the filming process,
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