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Lecture 20

PHIL-105 FA2 Lecture Notes - Lecture 20: White Southerners

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PHIL-105 FA2

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Lecture Notes 4/11/2017
MLKJ Letter is philosophical because he has a theory of what morality is and he discussed what
makes a law just and unjust
There isn't this absolute distinction between the mind and body but rather the thoughts of minds
can only be done through acting so this is an expression of a body experience
Simone was born 1909 in France and went to the school for the best philosophers in France
(1920s ish) and get very politically active, graduating top of her class, took a year off to work in
a factory to understand the working class, she left France to join an anarchist maltia in Spain, left
France during Nazi occupation, moves to England, and starved to death in solidarity with the
people of France
About Simone's piece, injustice comes from the place of dear god why are you hurting me
Hearing that call is the process of working through the idea of justice
We are suffering and there is an inability to let that suffering be heard
When MLKJ talks about self-purification he means that a way of training ones body to only let
certain ideas of the mind to fruition
Space and time is at stake in the Letter in that white people were saying we accept this and that
you should have this but this is not the time to do it
He is writing to the clergy when he pens the Letter from the Birmingham Jail
Views of some white southerners - wait
1. You should not be here
You aren't from Birmingham, this is a local problem
MLKJ response that injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere
If there is injustice, you can't quarantine it
2. This should not be happening now
It is easy for an outsider who doesn’t have to experience it to say that
They have been waiting
Other countries have been progressing and America is doing nothing
Using time against someone, using it as a political weapon
The superficial part of politics is passing this law and winning the election and the deeper level is
what is possible and what the threats are and where our responsibilities lie
The value couplet, good bad became good evil, revolution on the idea of language and has
realized it in our value system (Nietzsche)
Legality and justice - they have the right to break a law if the law is unjust
o Many people think that justice is derived from legality but when, in fact, MLKJ
negates this by saying that legality is derived from justice
Peace and disturbance - there is a negative peace and a positive peace
o Negative peace is the absence of justice, a false peace
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