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Lecture 9

BIO 2400 Lecture 9: Ch. 9 cont

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BIO 2400
Annkatrin Rose

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Ch. 9 Structure of DNA • Nucleic Acid Structure o Four levels of complexity • Nucleotides o Nucleotide is the repeating structural unit of DNA and RNA o 3 components ▪ Phosphate group ▪ Sugar • Deoxyribose [DNA] • Ribose [RNA] ▪ Nitrogenous base • Adenine • Guanine • Thymine • Cytosine • Uracil [RNA] ▪ AT, GC, AU o Base + sugar= nucleoside o Base +sugar +phosphate= nucleotide • How to form DNA? o At least 25 scientist contributed o Erwin Chargaff ▪ Looked at base composition ▪ Adenine and Thymine always close together ▪ Guanine and Cytosine always close together  If GC content of a DNA molecule 54%, what would be the percentage of A in this molecule? 23%  Which of the following DNA double helices would be more difficult to separate into single= stranded molecules by treatment with heat, which beaks hydrogen bonds? o The one with more GC, because they have a triple hydrogen bond • DNA Form Strands o DNA and RNA have directionality ▪ 5’ to 3’ o Nucleotides are covalently linked together by Phosphodiester bonds o Sugar and phosphate molecules are backbone of nucleic acid strand ▪ 5’ end has phosphate group ▪ 3’ end has free –OH group  Would dideoxy nucleotides be able to form stra
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