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Lecture 2

PSY 2213 Lecture 2: Social psychology 1

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Appalachian State University
PSY 2213
Andrew Smith

Social psychology 1/23/17 Hallmark of social psych: less concerned with social situations in objective sense -more concerned with people’s interpretation/construct of social environments Spotlight effect: people tend to believe their actions are noticed more than they actually are “Perception is everything… soft of” Strong focus on construal, but also evaluate whether construal differs from reality -often attempt to debias people Social psych vs. personality psych -personality psych explains behavior in terms of people’s traits -social psychology explains behavior in terms of situational factors Personality psychologists explain why a certain person might act similarly across most situations -social psychologists explain why most people behave similarly in a certain situation Personality does influence behavior but social psychologists focus on the situational influences How much influence does a situation have? -demonstrating situational influences -students played a game and could cooperate with other players or not -cooperative and competitive people were hand picked -names of games :community or wall street -name of the game had a large influence on the players -personality had no influence on the game and people’s predic
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