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Arizona State University
Religious Studies
REL 100
Ramu Gopalan

Religion Lecture 3 September 25, 2012 Where the name India derives from  The name India was first named by the outsiders refer to the land surroundings the Indus river  Hindiusm is the dominant religion of India  Bharata= indigenous term for India  In the 1960/s india attracted the hippies from the wesk, seeking mystical experience and enrichment from the Indian sages  India is known the place of as philosophy and inspirational many people dissatisfied with their religion would go to india to adopt and learn the knowledge  Indus valley culture flourished between 3000 to 1500 BCE  Every religion has some sort of things which are forbidden for example Hindus are forbidden to eat meet or beef. They have to be vegetarian  These are traditions which all these religion follows  Femal principal: may have been revered as a goddess  Purification practices, meditation, and the well-organized cities suffest the importance of order and restraint Who are the Aryans  They were not highly organized  They were nomads rather than settled agriculture/ they came from centurial Asia  The Aryan language evolved into the sanskirt, the official language of the hindu religion  The Aryan group people brought the language sanskirt which is a scar ate or holy to them  The sanskirt was never meant to be written down and the practitioner had good memory to memorize the sankirt  The sanskirt words for god deva,akin to the English words divine and deity  Veda is the scacrate scripture to the Aryans  Some important is the Veda that Hinduism sometimes called vaidik dharma, meaning the religions of the Veda  The words of the veda, according to traditional conviction were revealed to acnicent seller THE VEDAS DIVIDES INTO 4 SAMHITAS OR COLLECTION  Rig-veda is about the songs and hymes  Yajur-Veda:  Sama-Veda  Each of the collection in turn consists of four section  Samhitas  Brahmanas  Aryanyakas  Upanishads First, how did it think about human beings? Second, how did it conceieve the world of nature? Third, how did it conceive the world of the gods Prana, an internal air current of the body, is often spoken of as the basic animating principal: it’s some kind of energy that keeps us going The Aryans thought the world as divided into three levels: „Triloka‟  The world is constructed in three structures  The world was believed to be governed by an abstract impersonal principle called “rita” meaning th
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