ARCH 440 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Abrasive Blasting, Car Wash

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Published on 16 Nov 2017
Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of
Historic Properties
o Starts with research and identification
o Preserve
o Restore
o Rehabilitation
Most frequently used
Adopted to administer local districts, review investment tax programs
o Reconstruction
Why use Standards?
o Uniform
o Easy to understand
o Applicable nationwide
Standard 1 - Compatible Use
o Used as it was historically or a new use that requires minimal change to distinct
o Ex: Car wash used as a drive thru restaurant, church used as a brewery
Standard 2 - Keep the Character
o Historic character will be retained and preserved
o Removal of distinctive materials or alteration of features that characterize a property
will be avoided
Standard 3 - No fault sense of history
o Recognized as a physical record of the time
o Don’t add things that are not to its time
o Ex: Fake façade to a building
Standard 4 - Change over Time
o Historic significance of a building in their own right will be retained and preserved
o Ex: addition of a porch to a front of a building
Standard 5 - Parts are NOT just parts
o Distinctive materials, features, finishes should be preserved
Standard 6 - Repair Rather than Replace
o If replaced, as close to original as possible and acknowledge when something is
o Ex: Windows
Standard 7 - Start Gentle
o Chemical, physical treatments will be undertaken using the gentlest means possible
o Ex: Sandblasting should not be used
Standard 8 - Don’t forget the site
o Preserve archeological resources
Standard 9 - Compatible Additions
o Additions will not destroy historic materials, features, and relationships that
characterize the property
o Additions must be differentiated from the original structure
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find more resources at
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