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Lecture 21

BIO 100 Lecture 21: Energy Transferring

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BIO 100
Bill Rogers

Energy Transferring • Trees obtain carbon by: o Photosynthesis • Humans obtain carbon by: o Eating • The flow of energy from the sun until it is used by one of your cells o Light --> sugar --> ATP ▪ Light to sugar is photosynthesis ▪ Sugar to ATP is respiration • A leaf is an example of a producer o The worm that eats the leaf is an example of a ▪ primary consumer o The scorpion that eats the worm is the ▪ secondary consumer o The shrew that eats the scorpion is the ▪ tertiary consumer o The owl that eats the shrew is the ▪ quaternary consumer • Energy Transferring is measured in Kilocalories o Lose 10% of energy at each step • If have 100,000 for the producer how much will the primary consumer have o 1,000 o 10% energy transfer between levels o 90% energy loss • What happens to most of the energy in a food chain o It is released into the environment as heat • Are humans always at the top of the food chain? o Nope o Babies are technically at the top of the food chain when breas
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