Question 1 The membrane structures inside the chloroplast are called the ______, while the fluid surrounding the stacks of membrane is called the ______.
a. stroma; thylakoid
b. thylakoid; cytosol
c. thylakoid; stroma
d. thylakoid; matrix
e. matrix; thylakoid

Question 2 What is considered the ultimate source of energy for living things on Earth?
a. the sun
b. electrons
c. green plants
d. oxygen
e. ATP

Question 3 Why do most plant leaves appear green?
a. They contain a lot of starch which has a green color.
b. They have chloroplasts which absorb green light for photosynthesis.
c. During the light reaction phase carbon dioxide is converted to oxygen which emits green light.
d. They have chloroplasts which absorb all colors of light except for green, which is reflected.
e. During the dark reaction phase water is converted to oxygen which emits green light.

Question 4 Plants perform only photosynthesis, not respiration. True False

Question 5 What is the primary purpose of the light reactions of photosynthesis?
a. to create oxygen gas
b. to produce glucose
c. to convert solar energy to chemical energy (in the form of ATP and NADPH) to power the dark reactions
d. to remove carbon dioxide gas from the atmosphere
e. to create water

Question 6 The light dependent reactions occur in the:
a. mitochondrial membrane.
b. mitochondrial matrix.
c. stroma.
d. thylakoid membrane.
e. cytosol.

Question 7 The energy to run the dark reactions of photosynthesis is produced _________.
a. by the CO2 initially used in the dark reactions.
b. during glycolysis
c. during the light reaction phase
d. during the Krebs cycle
e. during anaerobic respiration

Question 8 Which of the following substances could be totally eliminated and not interfere with the process of photosynthesis?
a. O2
b. H2O
c. light
d. CO2

Question 9 What product(s) do plants produce during photosynthesis that is/are used by humans and other animals?
a. carbon dioxide
b. carbon dioxide and water
c. glucose and oxygen
d. glucose
e. oxygen

Question 10 Only plants can carry out photosynthesis. True False

Question 11 During the light reactions of photosynthesis, ...
a. oxygen is produced from H2O.
b. glycolysis occurs.
c. the Krebs cycle occurs.
d. CO2 is combined into glucose.
e. ATP is broken down to ADP + P

Question 12 The reactants of photosynthesis are:
a. sugar.
b. sugar and water.
c. O2 and CO2
d. O2 and sugar.
e. CO2 and water.

Question 13 During the dark reaction phase of photosynthesis in plants...
a. ATP is created.
b. H+ ions are moved into the stroma from the matrix.
c. molecules of CO2 are combined into sugar.
d. H2O is split into oxygen and H+.
e. solar energy is converted to chemical energy.

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