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Lecture 3

SOC 1305 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Social Class, Victimless Crime, Organized Crime

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SOC 1305

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Sociology Unit 3 11/9/2016 6:12:00 PM
Crimes against the person
o Direct violence against a person
o Violent crime: actions involving force
o Hate crime: a criminal act against a person or property by an
offender motivated by racial bias
Crimes against property
Victimless crime
o No apparent victims
Occupational (white collar) crime
o Illegal acts committed by people in the course of their
employment or financial affairs
Organized crime
o Business operation that supplies illegal good and services for
Corporate crime
o Illegal acts committed by corporate employees on behalf of
the corp and with its support
Internet crime
Political crime
o Hilary
Crime stats
Most crime statistics come from the uniform crime report (UCR)
o Published by FBI since the 30s
o Based on info from law enforcement agencies
National crime victimization survey
o Random survey of over 100,000 households
o Over 60% of all crimes are not reported to police
How we display makes a diff
o Typically offenders are 18-25yrs old
o Age crime curve: crime rate rises during adolescence and
peaks in the 20s
o Majority male
Social class
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