THEA 1314 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Moscow Art Theatre, Stanislavski'S System, Konstantin Stanislavski

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22 Feb 2020
The Director
What does the director do?
Ancient Greece
Playwrights (Aeschylus)
o Cast their own plays
o Taught principle actors their parts
o Train the chorus
Medieval Period
Craft guilds would select Biblical stories to dramatize during festivals
o Cloth makers
o Masons
o Painters
o Carpenters
Pageant master oversaw numerous aspects of the mystery plays
o Building of sets / special effects
o Casting and directing actors
o Addressing audience at performances
Renaissance / Restoration Period
o Performers with a strong organizational capacity
o Systemized performances that actors and audience both strongly understand
Georg II, Duke of Saxe-Meiningen
o German, 1826-1914
o Had lots of time and money
o Created the Meininger Ensemble
o Obsessed with
Historical accuracy
Unification of elements
Andre Antoine
o French, 1858-1943
o Theatre Libre : embraced realism
o "the fourth wall" : the imagined barrier at edge of proscenium through which audience sees
the action
Konstantin Stanislavski
o Russian
o Moscow Art Theatre : toured to much of the world
o Created acting system for realism
Late Modern Era
Richard Wagner
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