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BSLW 1022
Thomas Wesner

Chantz Delgado Business Law Reflection Paper #1 rd February 3 , 2012 Realist If I had to categorize myself, I would say that I am a realist because of a combination of the way I was raised and what I have learned throughout my life. I was raised in an environment where my friends and I all struggled. Consequently, I saw how my friends easily got caught up with problems involving the law because of how deprived some of us were. My grade school friends would occasionally steal from grocery stores because of the hunger or thirst they had. However, I would never consider them a criminal or a bad person because I am aware of their true means. My point here is that granted, there should be a set of laws that everyone should follow. On the other hand, every situation should be considered different because of the means of that person. If there is no proof that the means to the crime were not bad, then that is when the law regulates the situation. For example, in an extreme case, if three two guys threaten you with weapons such as knives, according to the law, the only way to defend yourself is to have a weapon of equal or lesser use. Aformalist will charge the man who is trying to defend himself if he uses a greater weapon. However, as a realist, I feel like he should not be charged with anything because his means is just for self-defense. Aformalist must follow all the laws strictly regardless of the situation or means. I feel like it is easier to do this if you have a lot of money. My dad has always taught me that because things are not given to
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