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CHEM 1161

Chapter 2 Thursday, September 06, 2012 10:27 AM 2.1 Classification of Matter Matter • Anything that has mass and occupies space Divided into two things: Pure substances: matter with a fixed or definite composition • An element that is composed of one type of atom • A compound that is composed of two or more elements always combined in the same proportion • A compound contains two or more elements in a definite ration such as hydrogen peroxide H2O2 • A mixture is a type of matter that consists of two or more substances that are in different proportions • Substances that are separated by physical methods Homogeneous Mixtures • Composition is uniform throughout • i.e brass Heterogeneous mixture • The composition varies from one part of the mixture to another • Part of the mixture are visible Solids • A definite shape • A definite volume • Particles that are close together in a fixed arrangement • Particles that move very slowly Liquids • Indefinite shape but a definite volume • Same shape as container • Particles close together but mobile • Particles that move slowly Gases • Indefinite shape and volume • The same shape and volume as their container • Particles far apart • Move very fast Physical Properties • Characteristics observed or measured without changing the identity of a substance • Include shape, physical state, boiling and freezing point, density, color • Ex: copper- reddish orange, shiny, conductor of heat, Physical Change • Change of state • Change in the physical state • No change in identity or composition • EX: tearing piece of paper Chemical Properties • Ability of a substance to interact with other substances • To change into a new substance • Chemical reaction • Original substance is turned into a new one with new chem and phys properties • New substance has new composition, chemical properties, physical properties • i.e silver tarnis
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