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Boston College
Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology
APSY 2240
Julia Whitcavitch- Devoy

January 24, 2017 Chapter 1 Who is an adult? ● Legally: 18 year old ○ Emerging adulthood is around ages 18 to 26 Developmental Topics: ● The Big Three ○ Continuity vs. discontinuity ■ Is change rapid or does it slowly occur over time? ■ Seasons vs. moments ○ Nature vs. nurture ○ Individual differences vs. universals ■ Menopause, physical changes (such as change in skin and hair), death, etc. are universals ■ They occur to everyone, just not at the same time History graded influences: ● Influences that affected whole cohorts ○ Eg. the Great Depression had different effects on children, teens, etc. ■ Teens during that time ended up being more resilient and parental ■ Children during that time experienced more deficits because it was during their development ○ Eg. 9/11 has left many of us with more anxiety surrounding security concerns ● Cohort: people born in a narrow band of years (smaller than a generation) ○ All BC students are a cohort ■ We never knew a world without computers, the internet, and a heavy reliance of all things on technology Important highlights: ● Your biology comes from heredity ● We know most of what we know
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