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COMPLETE Survey of Mass Communication Notes - Part 14 (got a 90% in the course)

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COMM 1020

Midterm Review • Multiple choice, true/false, matching • Scantron • Modernity = encapsulates the experience of living through the modern age o Modernism = aesthetic artistic movement (portraits, architecture) • Concentration = notion that there are fewer and fewer media companies that own American/global media outlets o Mergers and acquisitions o Number of firms that own media outlets become more concentrated  Result of vertical and horizontal concentration • Conglomeration = not only concentrated with media itself, but also merges with other global industries that are not necessarily tied to media o General Electrics • Bell Curve o 1) early adopters (upper middle class, younger, usually male) o Adapt it as a base market share o Fad dies out, but doesn’t go away  Adapted among new media forms • Levels off at the bottom • Market Populism – free market will balance out, doesn’t need regulation o not everyone believes in it, but the more well-off, conservative Republicans, those who are FOR market driven media espouse market populaism • Crtiques of market populism: o Inequality o Often used as a way to critique commercial media system • Agenda setting – notion that the media doesn’t necessarily what to think but what to think ABOUT o Priming – sets up a way to interpret something  OJ Simpson cover • Integrated Model – takes idea of cultural model of communication and builds on it, because in order to understand any media text, its meaning, and relationship to culture, we have to understand it is made up of these struggles (below) and we can’t necessarily i
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