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McDougle AHS100 Group Project c) The selection from Bill McKibben’s Eaarth addresses the new world humans have created for themselves and the necessity of adapting to it. He writes of the changes that have occurred and that must occur in order to make the “new planet” inhabitable. The threat of exposure “to the elements” no longer presents itself to just the poor people but to “all of us” (McKibben 125). The issue McKibben articulates is the lack of change and acceptance throughout mankind. Instead of living in denial of the planet humans have created, McKibben urges them to adapt to it now because living life as they used to no longer suits life on “Eaarth”. McKibben effectively addresses the issue in the passage by articulating what once was and what must be in order for humans to increase their chances of existence. He includes suggestions for survival such as “[making] our societies safer . . . making them smaller” (McKibben 125). Throughout the text, McKibben reiterates that Earth is gone. In order to survive humans must accept and adjust to life on the new planet they have created. There is no reversal, but rather adaptation that can save humans. In the text, he includes suggestions for survival —“decentralization will be crucial”; “more people are going to need to grow food” (McKibben 198). Within his suggestions, McKibben resembles the hope and devotion necessary to saving the human population. d) In the selection from The Dirty Life, Kristin Kimball calls for simplicity and localization while addres
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