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Boston College
Earth & Environmental Sciences
EESC 1158
Donald James

Goals of water management 1. Flood Control 2. Water Supply 3. Power Generation 4. Navigation 5. Recreation a. ▯ Dams can accomplish all of these functions How do we manage rivers? (river engineering) i. Dams ii. Levees iii. Channel Modifications iv. Diversions (aqueducts, pipes) v. Land use vi. Locks Flood Control i. Two Strategies o Methods that slow flow down (keep water in the watershed)  Land use practices to decrease runoff  Dams/resevoirs (temporary storage  Channel and floodplain storage Methods that speed flow up (move water through channels faster Levees Channel straightening, armoring, lining, deepening Urbanization exacerbates flood path Flood control through land use planning Identify flood-prone areas (100 year flood plain Set zoning requirements to limit damages Don’t put residential buildings in the floodplain Pr
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