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Earth & Environmental Sciences
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Brief Outline 1. History of Boston’s water supply 2. How sustainable is this supply? (Some Calculations) 3. How much precipitation becomes runoff? 4. How much water gets lost to E-T? 5. How long does it take to fill the Quabbin Resevoir? 6. How much water do we use, compared to how much we have in resevrve? Early Boston Water Supplies i. Each house had its own water supply ii. Prior to 1795 there were local wills and springs (Boston and Back Bay were nearly entirely water) iii. 1845▯ first westward expansion, Sudbury River tributary dammed to create Lake Cochituate, aqueduct to Brookline Reservoir o When water from Lake Cochituate flowed into the Frog Pond on Boston Common in 1848, the dedication ceremony drew 100,000 people iv. 1868▯ chestnut hill reservoir built as storage for water from lake cochituate v. 1878▯ Sudbury river further dammed, diverted via Sudbury aqueduct to chestnut hill reservoir vi. 1897▯ wachusett reservoir construction begins, Nashua river dammed, chestnut hill reservoir is the hub of the distribution system vii. 1926▯ construction begins on tunnels and dams to bring water from the swift river valley to Boston Water Treatment i. Disinfect reservoir water with Ozone to kill pathogens ii. Add fluoride to reduce cavities iii. Adjust chemistry to reduce corrosion of lead and copper in home plumbing iv. Add mono-chloramine, a m
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