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Boston College
ENGL 1010
Elaine Tarutis

Delgado 1 Chantz Delgado February 14 , 2010 First Year Writing Seminar Professor Tarutis Chantz Just Needed A Chance I was a starter. I always started on any basketball team that I was on. Freshman year, I was co-captain of my high school basketball team because of a stellar performance in our season opener. During my sophomore year, I won the Most Valuable Player Award along with a Student Athlete Award. I was clearly one of the top basketball players in my high school with aspirations to play Division I basketball and of course, at the professional level. Sadly, when I was a junior, everything changed. I then became a role player. According to the coaches, I was not big enough or good enough to start. Due to a few incoming players, my role was no longer needed. The players felt the opposite. My friends and enemies believed that my skill level was superb and should be given a chance. As the season progressed, my role on the team declined so much that when game time approached, I was no longer excited. I did not want to show the fans that I was on the bench, especially when I felt like I belonged on the court in the action. I became a starter once again as a senior but, not for long. This time, it was not the coach’s fault. I severely injured my ankle in practice and had to sit out six full games which totals about two months. Ever since then, my role on the team diminished even more. Frustration kicked in and whenever the coach pulled me out the game for any reason, I was clearly upset and would yell, “Give me a chance! Let me play!” None of it Delgado 2 ever helped. As the season approached the end, we were a top ranked team and we made it passed the first two rounds in the playoffs. Now, one game away from the championship game, and we play a team that we demolished during the season. Fortunately enough, the game was on my birthday, but my joy and excitement soon turned to horror and shame. The game began and I sat on the bench. As the time ticked, my bottom stayed glued to the chair. As time passed, the glue began to be permanent. The buzzer went off, and I did not get in the game at all. My mind was twisted, my body became hot, my family was furious, my dad wanted to cry, and my girlfriend knew how disgusted I was. I was never so emotional in my life. The next day, the coaches found out it was my birthday and it was like nothing happened. Nothing changed. Nobody cared or bothered to give me a chance. The day of our Championship game against Stepinac High School, I received a haircut, ate lightly, and got to my gym and took plenty of shots. I felt scared, nervous, and perfect at the same time. On the bus ride to the game, it was dark, speechless, and great. I needed the silence to think. As the game tipped off, of course, I was on the bench. However, two of the starters played probably one of their worst games of their lives and immediately exited the court and as a senior, I substituted in the game. I knew that this was my time to shine. I looked over to my dad, and the rest of my family. My dad gave me a fist pump, my family yelled, and Chantz told me to take the game over. I became an immediate impact with a number of jukes, points, and assists, and best of all, the three- pointer known as “the shot.” As the clock began to hastily approach zero, the nerves of the players went wild Delgado 3 while my nerves were controlled when I stepped into the game. 5… 4… 3… I ran down the court, settled my feet behind the
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