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April 14

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Boston College
HIST 1031
Robert Savage

April 17, 2013 European cities were devastated by World War II, and more civilians were affected The US took steps to help restore Europe, such as the Marshall Plan - We gave Europe millions of dollars to help rebuild infrastructure OEEC – set up a program in 18 different countries that tried to get the European nations to work together and integrate their economies - This movement toward integration proved beneficial as it improved economies, and American investors looked to Europe and saw that it was imperative that it recovered. In the UK, a Labor government had been elected that was committed to developing a welfare state and created a number of welfare programs to improve the standard of living - Also nationalized important industries such as coal. In France, the government became involved in the economy, nationalizing banks and coal mines Most western economies had mixed economies, with free market economies with some government intervention In West Germany, the state didn’t take over industries directly, but the government assisted industries in an effort to expand Citizens now had social sec
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