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Lecture 20

HIST 1055 Lecture 20: Lecture 20: Resistance to Revolt

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Boston College
HIST 1055

Where are the two new crises that emerge in and around the Ohio Country after the end of the Seven Years War? What happened when the british government decided that British East india Company was “too big to fail”? Resistance to Revolt: British North America ● Review ○ Seven Years War: Global War, Local Decisions ■ Won by Britain ■ Ohio Country ■ Senegambia ■ India ○ British Gains: ■ North america land claims ■ Foothold in Bengal ultimately changes terms of trade with China I. Introduction ○ New British Problems ■ Lots of land ■ Lots of debt ○ Problem of Border Security ■ English settlers assume they will be able to keep pressing West ■ Natives living on this land ■ But French/Natives still living there ■ Disruptive to established hunting economy of Ohio Country ● Colonists killing game ● Animals they bring disrupt ecosystems (i.e. cattle, dogs) ○ Pontiac’s War ○ Proclamation of 1763 ■ English settlers are not supposed to cross this line ■ To prevent local violence and political conflict II. The Problem of Debt ○ Debt becomes a problem when people see it as a problem → when they want stuff, when other people look down on them, when they decide they don’t want it ○ British war debt ~ 133 Million pounds ○ Decide to initiate series of taxes on “relatively wealthy” North American subjects ■ In british eyes the war was for the protection of the American subjects so therefore they should pay their portion of the costs ■ These taxes included both increase/new taxes but also enforcement/
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