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Prasannan Parthasarathi

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Chantz Delgado Take Home Exam #1 th October 26 , 2011 The Historian and His Facts According to E.H. Carr, the writing of history is a dialogue between a historian and his or her sources, and is therefore a constructive narrative. I agree with Carr because of his essay, “What is History?” Carr believes that historians are “rootless and futile” without their facts. Moreover, facts are dead and meaningless without the historian. Since everything is technically considered history, Carr concludes that the historian is always writing and interpreting the facts in the past, which leads to an unending dialogue. In essence, Carr is arguing that every fact is interpreted and therefore, contains much different point of views. The narrative is the various historians’views on what occurred in the past and it never ends. Historians are engaged in a continuous process of molding his facts to his interpretation and his interpretation to his facts. Carr claims, “It is impossible to assign primacy to one over the other.” In other words, the historian gathers facts while simultaneously
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