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HIST 1059
Prasannan Parthasarathi

Chantz Delgado Discussion Essay #8 th November 4 , 2011 Comparing Slavery inAmerica to that of India Slavery in India was more benevolent that slavery in theAmericas because there were less acts of cruelty in India.American slave owners were extremely inhumane compared to Indian slave owners. According to the article “Slavery in the Islamic Middle East” by Michel Le Gall, the Indian owners ranked their slaves based on performance, loyalty, and comfort.At slave markets, Indian owners searched for young kids with potential to be trained.American slave owners wanted the strongest slaves and if they were disloyal, they tortured them until they obeyed. Indian slave owners wanted the same outcome of a slave but used different methods. Some slave owners considered the acquisition of Negroes more like an adoption rather than enslavement. Consequently, the masters of India are much kinder.According to Gall, the difference between the slaves in India and the slaves inAmerica is that they are more obedient because they have to serve only one master. The masters would then express their gratitude by making sure the obedient slaves are well fed and clothed. Additionally, if the masters really a
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