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Lecture 4

NURS 2070 Lecture 4: health assessment #4

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NURS 2070
Robin Wood

Class #6 - THERAPEUTIC COMMUNICATION • Empathy: recognizing a feeling and putting it into words • Open-ended question: question that allows patient to elaborate/ answer in a narrative • Facilitation: encourages the patient to say more • Silence: giving the patient time to think • Reflection: repeating a part of the person just said and echoing it • Clarification: making things clearer o “What did you mean by?” o “Is this what you meant, am I on the right track?” • Confrontation: summarizes a person’s words or makes it clearer • Interpretation: based on inference or conclusion • Summary: final review of what you understand • Using authority: a response that promotes inferiority or dependency; best to avoid • Using leading questions: biased questions o “You don’t smoke, do you?” • Closed or direct question: limits the patient’s response; generally to yes and no, or a when question o Do you drink alcohol? o When did you drink alcohol? • Explanation: share factual and objective information Class #7 - COGNITIVE PERCEPTUAL PATTERN • EOM: extraocular movement stimulated by trochlear, abducens, and oculomotor nerve o 4 rectus o 2 oblique • OD: right eye • OS: left eye • OU: both eyes • PERRLA: o Pupils o Equal o Round o Reacts to light o Accommodation • JAEGER Chart: hand held chart to test nearsightedness (myopia) • Snellen Chart: tests for visual acuity • Punctum: opening of the tear ducts • Diplopia: double vision • Myopia: nearsightedness (can’t see far away) • Nystagmus: “dancing eyes” - rapid involuntary movements of the eye • Tonometer: looks at the eye’s intraocular pressure • Exophthalmos: protruding eyes, widening palpebral fissures • Ptosis: drooping of the upper eyelid • Ecropian: lower lid rolls out • Entropian: lower eyelid rolls in - think of “in” as “en” •
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