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Boston College
PHIL 1070

Augustine’s Confessions Book 5 Chapter 1: Prayer Humans can only see parts of the whole, so we struggle to find God… God is the creator, so he sees everything • Everything you do, God sees o During prayer, don’t recount on your bad actions… RATHER open your heart and soul • Praise God and thank Him for everything he has given us Chapter 2: Prayer • God provides guidance and strength even to sinners • WHY couldn’tAugustine find God? o He wasn’t it touch with his own soul Chapter 3: Philosophy vs. Religion • Faustus = philosopher o Augustine is skeptical BECAUSE philosophers like Faustus are based in science rather than religion • Manicheans teach many things, butAugustine thought they were missing something o Augustine wants to find the Truth Chapter 4: “Astronomy Does Not Matter to the Soul’s Life” • Knowledge of God is more powerful than philosophy, understanding of the truth, or a combination of both o Knowledge of God brings happiness Chapter 5: Manes • One must be careful not to be ignorant of God o Ex. Manes believes he is the Holy Ghost, andAugustine believes him Chapter 6:Augustine goes against Faustus’teachings • Faustus might be a great philosop
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