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Audra Hampsch Philosophy of the Person II Prof. Svetelj 26 February 2014 Sandel’s Chapter Two: Utilitarianism Bentham’s principle of utilitarianism stems from the word “utility” which can otherwise be defined as usefulness. He believes that the best form of morality is derived from creating maximum happiness, which is essentially the establishment of pleasure and prevention of pain. Ideally, Bentham’s principle of utilitarianism would be the basis for political decisions, in how to achieve the greatest happiness for the greatest number in any given society, which includes outsourcing prisons, transforming beggars into labor workers, and more manipulations of the “lesser” in order to benefit the “more.” The example Sandel uses to illustrate utilitarianism is “the lifeboat decision,” in which three men chose to murder a forth man in order to live. The forth man’s pain contributed to the
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