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PHIL 1090
Daniel Frost

“The Integrated Self” What indeed doesAthens have to do with Jerusalem?  nothing Credo ut intelligam  I believe in order to understand Paul’s letter to Colossians: Talks about philosophy beguiling you and tell you something contrary to the wisdom of the Holy Ghost. He says philosophy leads you away through vain deceit. “Philosophy as Handmaiden” at theology (the sacred science). Scripture inspired by god is no part of philosophical science, which has been built up by human reason. Besides philosophical science there should be other knowledge—inspired by God. It was necessary for a man’s salvation that there should be a knowledge revealed by God, besides philosophical science built up by human reason.  you wouldn’t be able to do it on your own and that is why God gave it to you. Couldn’t come to these conclusion by your own human reason so God provided. Integrated: combined into a whole, united: undivided. Personality in which the component elements combine harmoniously. Covenanted self of Judaism  the “fact” of Christianity the Examined Self ofAthens Paul Plato Aristotle Augustine Aquinas Philosophical “Integration” Plato  Aristotle (Muslim commentary onArtistotle/William Moerbeke’s Latin translation Christian Platonists Latin later Greek Augustine  “Christian Platonist” Aquinas (influence by plato, arist, aug) “ChristianAristotelian” Augustine City of God • Many great nations but only two kinds of human society, two kinds of cities. Those who worship God in contempt of self and those who worship the self in contempt of God. Ci
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