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PHIL 1090
Daniel Frost

Oedipus Tyrannus: His life is destroyed because he doesn’t get it until its too late Rejects insulated view of plato of state of mind His desire for wisdom is what kick-started the whole thing which was his only crime. Greek drama differs from greek philosophy bc its meant to be experienced on an emotional level as opposed to rational Think of it philosophically? Whatis Sophocles eliciting? Aristotles discussion of Oedipus and the virtue/knowledge relation The pity that emerges out of aristotles view leads to a Nietzschean point failure to recognize limits human knowledge from divine knowledge. Mortality and ignorance. Destiny vs free will We tend to look for moral or tragic flaw in the main character, but Oedipus is a good man and leader The phrase tragic flaw is from the greek work hamartano “to aim and miss the mark” Aristotle uses hamartia in Poetics in reference to two tragic heros Tyestes a man wh
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