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Boston College
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POLI 2327

12/5/13 Lecture 25 • New Federalism o Renewed emphasis on states being their own constitutional entities  Own boundaries of power that are distinct form national government • New deal view on states and national government o National government sets the agenda  Convenient that things be done at the state level • Conservative view = separate spheres of national and state governments • What is important to conservatives about federalism? o Promotion of individualism, as interpreted by the founding fathers • Liberals speak about liberties not in specific separation of sovereignties but instead as guideline • Separation of Powers o Want a unified national government with no roadblacks o Conservatives like it that we have ambition counteracting ambition  If you have separate branches fighting against each other, they can’t get anything done/have one branch rise up in power • Little national government, more state government • INS v. Shaw o Conservative challenge to delegation from the legislation branch to the executive branch  Legislative veto created by Hoover to allow bureaucratic agency at the price of the check • Mechanism became a common part of congressional legislation beginning in the 1960s o Insvolves immigration law  Gave attorney general the power to deport immigrants who have overstayed their visas • Either house of congress could veto deportation o Chata overstayed his visa, gonna be deported  Got the attorney general to suspend his deportation of house overturned this and moved to deport him • Got his ccase heard under the guise that the veto power was a breach of separation of powers o Nader wanted the legislative veto struck down – this
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