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Lecture 6

POLI 2342 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: New England Town, Town Meeting, Alexis De TocquevillePremium

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Political Science
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POLI 2342

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The Colonial Covenant !
each member is responsible for the whole community!
suer with others, sympathy with people, infuse a desire to defend other people!
but we resist this, Adam's nature of the fall !
Puritan notion!
town is where people live their public life, where they interact and get along with people!
the community has to help us overcome our selfish nature -> humans are "fallen"!
part of humans but can be overcome with the right spiritual practice and community!
we are naturally isolated!
fulfillment of nature is the classical ideal -> the noblest citizens are the ones that fulfill what
nature has called them to do!
the Puritans had a much dierent conception!
for the puritans, nature consist of things that need to be overcome, not indulged!
need the community to help us!
no life outside community!
notion of nature rights!
when the puritans built communities these principles a political and religion merged into
church and government were intrinsically linked!
result of this merger is the New England town -> Tocqueville said that Puritans founded
Puritans governed themselves peacefully with words and debate!
it was the first place where free people agreed to tax themselves!
this notion is foreign to us -> political community is important!
Puritans were dierent !
they didn't insist on rejecting the material world!
the temporal world is where we live!
there, Christian love is made manifest!
if something is wrong, they will know!
the purpose of civil and ecclesiastical power -> improve lives, serve the lord, preserve posterity
of evil world, work out salvation!
this town has responsibilities that the townspeople undertake!
all freemen sit in the town meeting and made decisions!
send delegates to court!
all men issued land in accordance with children and preeminence !
didn't allow continuous land properties!
scattered land prevents people from being the best!
who governs in this place?!
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