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Joseph Cioni

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In Defense of Ethical Egoism by Ayn Rand Notes: -died 1982 -argues for a form of ethical egoism= objectivism -pursuit of one’s self-interest and happiness is the only proper life for rational beings -self sacrifice and altruism are inconsistent with rational morality -alternative= existence or nonexistence -life requires a specific course of action -a person who is not selfish and hold his own life as a motive is acting on the standard of death -”metaphysical monstrosity” -those who are mm are altruistic because they meet the needs of others so that they can be happy -giving to others is not morally obligated nor is it wrong -giving to others is permissible if it makes you happy -she isn’t saying that anything chosen by the self is morally good -value yourself -when moral code reaches its climax, one must discover morality -we only know the social morality -we have been told that morality is a code of behavior by society -to serve others such as god, family, neighbors, but not you -we have been taught that our own pleasure is found through immorality -any moral code is designed to drain your life -nobody says your life belongs to you and the good in life is to live it -both sides whether it is those who belong to god or society agrees that morality demands the surrender of your self-interest and of your mind -moral and practical are opposites -morality is not the province of reason but rather the province of faith and force -no rational morality is possible -in reason there is no reason to be moral -all of these arguments are against man’s mind -man’s mind that all schemes and systems were intended to despoil -anti-mind is the anti-life -man’s mind is his basic tool for survival -life is given but survival is not -body is giving but the maintenance of the body isn’t -mind is given, content is not -remain alive, he must act and before he can act, he must know the nature and purpose of his action -cannot obtain food without knowledge of food and of the way to obtain it -cannot do something without knowledge of his aim and the means to achieve it, to remain alive, he must THINK -man is a being of volitional consciousness -anytime, a man is free to escape from any nature besides nature because reason is your mens of survival -so for a human, instead of the question “to be or not to be” it is “to think or not to think” -value i
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