PSYC1111 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Reductionism, Zell Miller, Scientific Control

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20 Mar 2018
Mozart piano duet!
"Mozart Eect"!
enhancing focus!
playing Mozart for babies enhances their memories!
in 1993, Rauscher et al published an article in which with adults, played 15 mins of mozart
piece, sonata for two pianos to subjects!
measured IQ beforehand and afterwards!
gave them some IQ tests, indexes, derived tests correlated to IQ tests, found that people
who listened to mozart scored more highly than people that did not listen to mozart!
published this, highly received and influential around the world and the US!
making people smarter by listening to Mozart!
this study caught on, people bought CDs and played them to their kids!
marketed to make kids smarter, verbal IQs would improve!
big selling product -> parents wanted their kids to be smarter!
Zell Miller, governor of Georgia at the time!
got the state legislature to pass a bill in which state bought new Mozart CD for every newborn
in the state!
raise IQ of Georgia!
There weren't babies in the original studies, every attempt to replicate this with young kids
never worked!
Glen Schellenberg in 2001 published an article that said you would get the same eect if you
read a passage of Stephen King!
there is no such eect, poor controlled experiment!
it swept the nation this phenomenon!
Psychology has the advantage and disadvantage of growing up in the modern era!
around 1900, chemistry and biology, psychics were around for 1500 years!
they had lots of opportunities to grow in isolation, studies weren't spread as widely!
correlational data, can't infer causation in statistics!
correlation just shows two things go together !
Red Wine -> people who drank red wine had less heart attacks!
not necessarily the red wine that improved health!
maybe healthier people drank red wine!
maybe they drink less beer, maybe beer is worse!
hasn't been proved !
For a young science like psychology, this is a responsibility!
have to be careful and subject everything to scientific evaluation !
direct eect on the world is immediate!
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