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Journal 7

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SOCY 1097
Elaine Tarutis

Journal #7 Guest Speaker—Reverend Paul Carter Reverend Paul Carter’s interpretation of St. Paul and his writings was a very interesting lecture. As Reverend Carter explains it, Paul views death as a normal thing but not at all natural. Paul argues in Romans that sin and death came into this world as a result ofAdam’s first sin so God had not originally planned for there to be death in this world. Death is the doorway to new life with God because you can only start your new life with God after you die. Reverend Carter also calls death the result of being given over to a different kingdom, a kingdom rebellious against god. On Paul’s reflections about the Day of Judgment, Carter said that in the end, Christ will come back to Earth to break this cycle of death in a battle of good vs. evil. Death is in fact the “last enemy” and Christ wi
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