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March 27, 2014 Thomas Aquinas Introduction • What is required to Study a great thinker o Someone else to help you understand o 5-10 years o Understand the historical context • Summa Theologica is like a Gothic Cathedral About Thomas • Born around 1224 and 1226 inAquino ( a town between Rome and Naples) • Sent to boarding school in Monte Cassino and put in the care of monks • At 13/14 years old he left the monastery to continue study in Naples o Avery cosmopolitan area, had a university o Exposed him to many intellectual traditions o Arrived in 1239 to Naples • In 1245 he went to Paris to study • Entered an order called “The Dominicans” o Founder is Dominic o Focus of it is to have a religious society dedicated to teaching and for preaching o To raise the level of communication • Synthesized Aristotle, Christian, and Jewish thought o Plato was about abstractions, a world of ideas—Aristotle was interested in this world, reality, how things work, and classification • Albert the great wasAquinas’teacher • His major piece is the Summa Theolgica o Never finished because in 1723 his friend Reginald said he sad “It’s all straw”—talking about his work. In a follow upAquinas said writing means nothing compared to what he has seen…presumably had a spiritual experience • Dies March 7, 1274 Influences during the time of Thomas Aquinas • Aristotle’s work was rediscovered and was used in theology.Aquinas was introduced to it. • Cathedral of Notre Dame was completed • Europe emerges from a period of dark ages o Was a theocratic society… now questioned the difference between sacred and secular authority/power • Growth of Islam in Europe o Of its science, philosophy, and theology o They were the first to retrieveAristotle • Expansion, a bigger world, discovery, missionaries March 27, 2014 What is the Summa Theologica • “Synthesis of theology” • Written between 1266 and 1273 • Wanted to write as a text book for fellow Dominicans who would already know about Plato,Aristotle, and scripture • Asalvation history • Has micro and macro structures o Mac
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