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1/28/14 C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves Natural Loves • the natural loves are not self-sufficient.Any relationship takes work, and especially as it lasts. Love, at first, is easy because both partners are wrapped up in it, almost blinded by it. But as love persists you begin to see and experience each other’s faults and must work to deal with the problems within the partnership. o one does not need to believe in God to agree because he describes Christianity in other terms that are broad and apply to those outside of the religion. • Loves are not God-like, and cannot replace god because even they can be fleeting • We need supernatural love to show and develop the natural loves St. Augustine • His argument says that love can bring misery, specifically through death of a partner, and one should not subject themselves to love knowing what it will lead to unless his or her beloved will not die. He says this feeling of desolation which comes from a lost love comes from giving ones heart to anything but God. • Lewis does not agree, it does not appeal to his conscience. He says it is shallow to love based on security. • “There is no safe investment with love” means to say that loving is being vulnerable • Polarity between love of God and love of others: if you pull away from loving others you pull away from loving God Problems with love • Love can be inordinate o Not loving to protect one self is more contrary to God than inordinate love o We may love another being too much only in proportion to our love for God and it is only inordinate due to the smallness of our love for God, not the greatness of our love for man o Astoic 
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