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Lecture 1

THEO 1088 Lecture 1: JAN20_THEO100206_WALTON

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THEO 1088

Friday, January 20, 2017 Lecture 2 Theo Esther and Judith Life Under Foreign Rule Historical Context 586: babylonians destroy the jerusalem temple and exile the people to babylon people struggle to understand why this happened, Israelite tradition begins to change, SLOWLY begin process of canonization 539: cyrus of persia conquers babylon and allows the exiles to return judeans allowed to rebuild the temple 516: temple rebuild davidic monarchy reestablished, some hope ZERUBBABEL may be the figure to restore (zech 4:610) 516 BCE 70 CE SECOND TEMPLE PERIOD (post exilic) not quite as glorious and free as they hoped it to be Foreign Rule foreign empires dominate the jews during the second temple period (persians, alexander the greathellenistic, ptolemaic dynasty, Seleucid dynasty, roman empire (all for various times from 539 BCE to 313 CE) left the jews to ponder the best course of action how to live under this foreign oppression? do you still practice your laws, your religion? work within system or against it? redefine what it means to be jewish? what does it mean to be jewish in a foreign land? leads to two different types of literature literature: romance novella and apocalyptic romance novella: prominent jewish hero or heroine showing great resolve and commitment to his or her people and religion 1
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