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Lecture 12

THEO 1088 Lecture 12: FEB15_THEO100206_WALTON

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THEO 1088

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 Lecture 12 Matthew, Forgiveness, Pacifism The Teaching of Jesus and New Testament Ethics most people will accept that jesus was a great teacher teaching is a focus of matthews gospel 5 great speeches in Matthews gospel (to parallel moses and torah) sermon on the mount 57 missionary discourse 10 parables discourse 13 community discourse 18 eschatological discourse 2425 moral teaching of jesus and the moral teachings of other biblical books have spawned a subdiscipline of new testament studies called new testament ethics ethics deals with the principles that govern a persons behavior or the attempt to present a system of norms and behaviors in organized fashion Basis for New Testament Ethics new testament ethic is centered on a personevent Jesus suggests that something redemptive happened in jesus that asks for a response the way we should live oriented around what he did what should i do? how should i act to do what is good? difficulties in the field very difficult to organize all the teachings in new testament into one system of ethics is there even one single system of ethic? perhaps the focus needs to be looking at what pertains to a moral life bible has been used in many ways that are inappropriate to what the writer intended 1
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