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Lecture 40

THEO 1088 Lecture 40: MAY3_THEO00206_WALTON

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THEO 1088

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 Final Exam Review Guide ***Final is Monday 515 12:30 in Stokes 461S*** longer than midterm, but still have some choices of questions Review Document on Canvas Use book, lecture notes, hyperlinks anything filled out and bolded on this doc was discussed in class on Wed, but the entire document is on here terms and essays bolded format of exam at end of doc Lecture 18 Apocryphal Gospels Part 1 Apocrypha(definition) Christian Apocrypha stories about Jesus and his contemporaries similar to New Testament texts but, for one reason or another, not included in the Bible. (Burke 2013:1). Athanasius A figure who is important for understanding the canonical process on a hyperlink from Powell (Athanasius put together the list of the New Testament canon) The Nag Hammadi Library documentary we watched in class: http:www.gnosis.orgmedia LostGospels.html Infancy Gospels Jesus as a child (doing incredible, sometimes dangerous things) give a little description and a blurb about them infancy gospel of thomas protoevangelium of James 1
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