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Lecture 4

Dance Journal Week 4.docx

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THTR 1120

Week 4 9/30/13 Reflection Today my body hurts everywhere and I feel exhausted. Field Hockey had an away match at Kean in New Jersey, so this weekend my body spent a total of fifteen hours contorted on a travel bus. In the past, our coach has brought a guest to practice to teach us Chi Gong. Chi Gong exercises are supposed to help get stagnant blood flowing when you have long periods of sitting or cramped in small spaces. I do not really believe in all that spirituality mumbo-jumbo, however; now I am wondering if I should have done some of the exercises. Even my hands are tight enough that I have to pause to let them rest every now and then as I type this. Also, today in dance I could really feel how stiff and sore my lower back is. I actually wonder if the soreness is from field hockey or dance. Typically, lower back injuries/soreness is a very common field hockey ailment due to the bent-over nature of the sport. However, I was talking with Katie Jarrell last week and she was complaining that her lower back was sore from what she thought was dance class. It could be all the walking around we do, or the stretches we are not quite used to yet, but I think my back pain is related to dance, rather than hockey. Also, I have never had back pain associated with field hockey before, which make me really think this solely has to do with dance. Overall, the exhaustion and fatigue my body feels is very much effecting my schoolwork and my mood. When I am fatigued like this, I notice I tend to be a lot more grumpy and short-tempered. Also, I notice that it has been difficult for me to focus for long periods of time. Our coach gave us Sunday and Monday off from practice so hopefully my body will recover soon. I find it funny that in periods of extreme bodily exhaustion like this, all I want to do is go on a long steady-state run but I do not have the energy to do so. Even during pre-season when my body is taking a beating from the 2-a- day practices, I do feel less stiff and less sore when I make myself go on a long steady state run rather than just rest. I wonder if that is just a strange thing I do, or if that is common among other people! Week 4 10/2/13 Response This week in MHDC we read an article about the progression of dance, from old style to modern, in Germany from pre-WWII era until post WWII. Overall, I found this article very interesting and enjoyed relating the evolution/growth of dance to the historical events of the time. The article devoted a good portion of itself to relating the different views and approaches to dance during the time of the Weimar Republic and then following the world war. I was very surprised at the blatantness with which the choreographers/dancers discussed in the article used their dances to express their political viewpoints at the time. For example, Mary Wigman, an elitist with similar albeit not exactly the same social ideals as Hitler, played around a lot with the relationship between a chosen “leader” in the group and the other “following” dancers. According to the article, “She required a form that transcended the individual,”(221) much like how Hitler believed that theAryan race should rule over all others. Overall, Wigman believed that only some chosen few are able to communicate via dance and because of this, dancing should be restricted just to those few. Oskar Schlemmer, on the other hand, was another dancer/choreographer in Germany at this time whose dances suggest opposing thoughts about the Weimar Republic and the Nazi regime. Schlemmer explored dancers movements spatially, and played a lot with distorted movements. Whereas Wigman forced the dancers to loose their expressive selves by “transcending the individual,” Schlemmer’s works force this “loss of self expression” by the distortion of movements
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