TDR 1120 Lecture 4: Lecture 4-6 on set design

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TDR - Theatre and Drama
TDR 1120
Paul Gatrell

Fundamentals of Production Design Lecture Notes 4-6 Lecture 4 COLOR aka hue - Tint- add white - Saturation- value of a color o Desaturate- add grey o Reducing opacity also desaturates the color until that color is gone - Shade- add black - Visible spectrum- wavelength reflections o Absorbs all colors except the reflected light o Only lights we can see - Color wheel- complimentary colors are across the wheel o Complimentary examples: red and green, orange and blue, yellow and purple o Primary colors of pigment: red, yellow, blue ▪ Secondary pigment colors: green, purple, orange o Primary colors for light: red, green, blue ▪ Secondary light colors: yellow, cyan, magenta o Tertiary- colors in between the primary colors - Additive vs. subtractive mixing o Additive- mix 2 colors to get another ▪ Like mixing blue and red pigments to make purple paint ▪ All pigment mixing is additive o Subtractive- all light mixing is subtractive ▪ Gel over a light that absorbs most of the light (subtract) and only reflects the color in the gel ▪ Used to design interactions in light Psychology of color is important in planning colors for the sets - Think about color branding and marketing Lecture 5 WALLS AND LEVELS Walls- usually made of flats - Can be hard or soft o Hard flats- covered with wood o Soft flats- covered with canvas - Can be theatrical or Hollywood/TV o Theatrical- flatter on the back, very thin, harder to build with but easier to store because it takes up less space o Hollywood/TV- bracing on the back of the flat frame sticks out further, making it easier to clamp the flats together and move them easily, more durable flats but take up more space in storage, often used in theatres that reuse pieces for their sets Fundamentals of Production Design Lecture Notes 4-6 Levels- utilizing 3 dimensional space in a theatre space - Often build from stock- standard sizes found in hardware stores (usually 4’x8’) - Ways of making levels o Plat
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