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Physical Education
Sue Johannessen

Lecture 1: Cardiovascular Health Cardiovascular disease (CVD)  Statistically half of us (53%) are going to die from this disease (leading cause of death worldwide))  CVD are diseases of the heart and blood vessels o includes atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke  Narrowing of blood vessels as they are filling up with plaque Function of the heart  4 chambers/valves controlled by leaflets  Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) caused by the building up of plaque leading to a heart attack  2 pumps in one Definitions: Atherosclerosis: the clogging and narrowing of the arterial walls with deposits of fat, cholesterol and other compounds known as plaque Ischemia: inadequate blood flow due to constriction/blockage of an artery, resulting in oxygen supply < oxygen demand Thrombus: A blood clot formed within the vascular system of the body and impeding blood flow. Manifestations of CVD:  Angina Pectoris: possible areas of radiating pain: neck, jaw, upper abdomen, shoulders and arms  Myocardial Infarction: heart attack. Can be prevented by taking low doses of aspirin  Stroke: Occurs when brain is starved of oxygen due to pieces of plaque braking free and causing clots. Warning signs: half of the face droops, can only raise one arm.  Arrhythmias: heart is defibrillating. Defibrillation – AED (automated external) vs. IED (implanted) Diagnosis/Treatment for CVD  Diagnosis o Exercise stress test o Echocardiogram, angiogram  Treatment for Ischemia o Angioplasty, PCI, CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft) to restore supply o Exercise training, medications to lower demand  L
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