SOCIOL 135 Lecture 2: Sept. 29, 2014 - Negotiating Multiple Identities

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University of California - Berkeley
Jill A.Bakehorn

NEGOTIATING MULTIPLE IDENTITIES th Monday September 29 , 2014 1. Identify Formation and Intersectionality 2. Multiple Identities and Queer TheoryOutreach IDENTITY FORMATION AND INTERSECTIONALITY Identity Formation: is the result of a complex interplay among individual decisions and choices, particular life events, community recognition and expectations, and societal categorization, classification, and socialization Intersectionality: is the social features of ones identity incorporating individual, community, societal, and global factors such as gender, class, ability, sexual, orientation, age, and so on o A way to express your core of existence o Intersectionality is a place where all these categories meet our experience is sometimes contradictory, conflictual, problematic, paradoxic Intersectionality determines the kinds of power and privilege we have Patricia Hill Collins: race, gender, class are interlocking systems of oppression o Oppression is not an additive process o These are a part of one, overarching system of domination (operating together, not separately where you just add up your oppressions) Reinforcing the supplementary (eitheror dichotomies) Its a sense that one side of the dichotomy is always, in all situations advantaged and privileged, and the other always disadvantaged o Bothand: takes into consideration varying amounts of privilegepenalty, advantagedisadvantage White women may be penalized for their gender in some certain situations, but they are advantaged for being white o A lot of people often are privileged but fail to see how their privilege oppresses other people Matrix of domination: there are few people that are purely the oppressor or purely the oppressed
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