PSYC 1010 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Motor Control, Central Nervous System, Neuroglia

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5 Dec 2017
Biological basis
Phrenology feeling your head and you know if the guy is an asshole (Gall)
Phineas Gage railroad tie guy, got more aggressive after
Biological basis
o Brain
Consistency of gelatin
Weighs about 3 pounds
Considered by many to be the most complicated structure in
the universe
Neurons nerve cells in the brain that specialize in communication
o 85,000,000,000 in the brain (LA to NYC and back 5 times)
o 160,000,000,000 connections
o Sensory from tissues and sensory receptors inward to spinal cord
and brain (few million)
o Motor from brain and spinal cord to muscles (few million)
o Interneurons internal communication in brain (billions and billions)
o No two are alike, but they have same basic features
o Dendrites branching fibers that receive messages (listen)
o Axon long, tube like structure that conveys impulses away from cell
body toward other neurons OR toward muscles OR toward glands
Can project several feet through body
o Myelin sheath fatty insulator that wraps around axon
o Terminal buttons knobs at end of axon that secrete chemicals to
other neurons
o Synaptic cleft space between two neurons-where synapse takes
Neural communication
o Within neurons messages move electrically
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find more resources at
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